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Sparkling like starts the stones in this collection signify the Milky Way galaxy. In each piece the glittering light melts into a golden sea, as elusive as the stars themselves. Interstellar is inspired by the concept of traveling beyond our world. Metaphorically and literally that voyage into unknown realms is mystifying. The light dancing on the unique gold texture as it does in the universe. Motivating us to push us beyond our reality and reach for the stars.


Materials and Dimensions:

This collection is sterling silver plated in 14ct gold. The finish is a lustrous matt hammered texture perfectly subtle for larger pieces. There are claw and hammer set zirconia scattered on the golden surface that simulate the stars in our galaxy. 

INTERSTELLA RING - 17mm internal and adjustable 22mm disk

INTERSTELLA NECKLACE - 20mm disk 46mm chain with 11cm extender

INTERSTELLA CHOKER - 20mm disk 27cm black silk with 10cm extender

INTERSTELLA STUDS - 10mm disk 10mm post with butterfly backs


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